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We went shopping together the other night, for his neice. It was nice, there were no expectations, no arguements, and it was just so fun. I had thought he was going to bring me back up to his house and stay over like we used to, but he actually dropped me off home. It was heartbreaking, and reassuring at the same time. I really miss sleeping with his arms around me, especially now, but it was also nice because I could just see in his eyes that he enjoyed seeing me, and having it be a good time. I broke his balls when he thanked me for coming with him, "Oh, whatever, you just wanted to see me", in which he replied "yeah, so?". That was so nice to hear.


He hasn't called since. 2 days ago. I don't know if he's waiting for me to call him, if he's wrapped himself back up in her arms or if he's re-thinking missing me. I don't on the other hand, push him by calling him. That's why I left it up to him to call... I don't know.


Reading our entries makes me really sad. No girl deserves this kind of pain. It's really not fair at all.

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